Varaccha outlet


We set our first DR Pizza outlet in Varachha, almost 13 years ago. This was the time when there were local restaurants that served several cuisines but no restaurant targeted majorly Italian. We had a clear vision that we want to open up a food-chain in Surat that brings a revolution in the taste and quality of the food provided in Restaurants. Hence, we opened up our first ever outlet of DR Pizza at Varaccha where we combined the Italian cuisine with the traditional Indian taste that would make a perfect fit for our target audience. At first, we had to face a lot of criticism but we knew our ultimate goal and so, we went on.


2006 – present

We knew we had something different; we double the toppings on the pizza and used whole wheat brown bread in the base. We have always valued the quality and taste of food offered. We are soon in the process to open up another outlet of DR Pizza, at Adajan which will be no less than a milestone. The way international brands maintain their mark in the market, we want to do so with our food, keeping the Indian-ness alive. Also, in 2009 we opened an outlet at Parle point which was running good but the infrastructure was not up to the standards of DR Pizza so we shut it down in 4 years. We are not just looking to expand; we want the standards to be maintained and perfection to be established.

Katargam Outlet

2016 – present

Soon enough, we started being appreciations for our food and people started to develop a taste for it. That’s when we established another outlet of DR Pizza at Katargam. It took us a good amount of courage to do so but we knew taking this step was necessary. The love we received for our food motivated us to keep going. We thoroughly made sure that the quality is maintained and the taste is consistent in all our outlets. In 2008, we opened up an outlet at Athwagate but due to problems in its expansion we had to shut it after a period of 5 years.

Adajan Outlet

2017 – present

This is our latest DR Pizza outlet and we have received a lot of appreciation for the same. The food is being liked by everyone in different areas with different tastes and cultures. We are on a mission to revolutionize the pizza eating trends in India and would soon like to expand abroad. With our food and usage of whole wheat brown bread, we urge people to eat healthy and it makes us happy to see that people have soon accepted the new taste. We had our share of obstacles and our journey still has road bumps but as long as our vision of delivering healthy yet delicious food to people is clear, there is nothing which will stop us.